Medicube Super Cica Water In Cream This is the real Cica Cream!

This product is a soothing moisturizing cream that contains 7 super cica ingredients and actoin, so it is a must-have item for soothing the changing seasons!! Contains up to 7 Centella asiatica active ingredients, which have a strong calming effect and help to improve damaged skin. Actoin is a moisturizing ingredient found in microorganisms that survive in an extremely dry environment. I would like to recommend a soothing moisturizing cream as it helps with moisturizing.

It contains 7 kinds of cica active ingredient that is good for soothing and actoin ingredient that is excellent for moisturizing the skin, so it soothes sensitive skin and moisturizes dry skin. It caught my eye more, and you can always use fresh cica cream with a hygienic container that lowers the risk of product deterioration.

Go to a site you can trust and buy

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