Ph. Hubby Sun Screen(1g)

Genuine sunscreen recommended, non-sticky, moist Ph.Hubby PH hobby 1g sunscreen

Forget all the sunscreen you have ever used! Now it’s time to use PH Hobby for a fixed amount and try to block it. ​ The most easily accessible product on the market is a product in a tube-type container, so the user had to adjust the capacity by himself, right? As a result, I had no way of knowing whether I was using it properly or not. ​ In particular, depending on the feeling of use, the amount is adjusted, and sometimes it is applied too little or too much. In fact, I have been using it without knowing how much ‘quantity’ it is. ​

The correct UV protection factor is SPF50 PA, which provides strong skin protection and at the same time lasts quite a long time. ​ It’s the first product made by the best sun care prescribing experts in Korea. I was really looking forward to what kind of feeling it would give 🙂 ​ Even the ingredients are said to have been carefully selected and made with mild and safe ingredients that can be used comfortably even on sensitive skin!

Please refer to the product introduction YouTube below.

YouTube Shortcut

If you visit the purchase site below, you will be given a gift as well as a product purchase.

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