HANYUL White Chrysanthemum Tone-up Cream

White Chrysanthemum is a Korean raw material that makes dull skin clear and clear skin, and is a native chrysanthemum. White Chrysanthemum, which was in danger of extinction, was restored after 10 years of research and used as an exclusive raw material. Currently, white chrysanthemum is growing under Hanyul’s protection in “Gukya Farm”.

White Chrysanthemum Tone Up Cream (50ml) is made with these white chrysanthemums as raw materials. “White Chrysanthemum Tone Up Cream,” made with white Chrysanthemum as a basic ingredient, has the following effects.
A tone-up cream that creates a fresh peach-colored skin with a natural tone-up of moisturizing cream, UV protection, and makeup base all at once. 1. White Chrysanthemum Tone-up Cream from bare face to beautiful skin! 2. . Pearlescent Mineral Powder Pink texture with subtle pearls. Tone up naturally. 3. UV protection SPF 30, PA++ Perfect UV protection for everyday life. 4. With whitening function, it takes care of the skin brightly like a white chrysanthemum flower from the inside. 5. Protects skin from fine dust with ginger oil. 6. Completely dermatologically tested, comfortable to use.

For a more detailed explanation, please use the following link
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