LANEIGE Neo Foundation High Cover(30ml)

24 hours lasting, tightly adhered, 3 functionalities (UV protection, wrinkle improvement, whitening)

Thin, light, and tight even on strong covers!

  1. Light Adhesive COVER;Silky, fine particles thin and dense.
    A silky, soft, high-cover foundation with a combination of fast-setting oil and light glossy oil.
  2. lasts all day COVER;Long-lasting throughout the day with detailed skin correction and tightening implementation of fine condensation powder formula.
  3. Natural Light COVER;Clear and bright colors last without darkening.
    Laneige NEO’s Water Color Solution Technology is applied with vivid color high-color pigments to express clear and bright skin like a watercolor painting that lasts for a long time without darkening.
  4. Urban Proof COVER;Defend against city hazards and skin stress!
    Triple functional UV protection wrinkle improvement · Whitening.
    The formulation with Electro-filter technology, the first patented
    material for AmorePacific makeup, double block fine dust.

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