LANEIGE Neo Powder (7g)_ Create flawless skin.

1. Neo powder that fills in the skin curves thinly and evenly with 3 types of sebum care powder to fix flawless skin as if it has been blurred.
2. The particles are really fine and soft, so if you apply it as a finish after O-Cushion or Neo Foundation, you can create flawless, flawless skin as if it were blurred.
3. It is possible to control sebum without drying out the inside and exposing dead skin cells by selectively adsorbing sebum while leaving moisture.
4. Maintains a smooth makeup film that does not highlight pores even over time with a blurring effect that naturally covers pores.
5. Soft, soft and elastic powder with a sponge texture fills the curves of the skin to create a smooth and soft skin texture.
1).Use at the finishing stage of makeup or after sunscreen after basic use.
2). Take an appropriate amount on the built-in exclusive puff and apply to the entire face or desired area along the skin texture. Apply by tapping lightly.
3).It can be used frequently when oiliness rises or can be used on oily hair.

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