Innisfree Natural Fermentation Energy Lotion EX 160mL &Skin(200ml)

The most popular anti-aging lotion

An anti-aging lotion containing Jeju soybean undiluted solution and fermented oil to make skin firm and shiny.

1. Skin elasticity strengthening effect of highly concentrated Jeju soybean fermented extract.
Jeju soybean fermented extract that has undergone 4 high concentration steps It enhances skin elasticity and makes the skin strong and firm.

2. Enhance skin luster with Jeju soybean fermented oil.
It contains fine-grained Jeju soybean fermented oil that not only strengthens the skin barrier but also fills the skin with a healthy glow

3. A high-adhesion lotion with rich nutrition.
It contains plant-derived squalane to increase skin moisture, and its supple texture adheres to the skin and is absorbed without stickiness.

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