Green Barley Gommage Peeling Mask (120ml)

Gomaju type peeling mask that shows chemical peeling of blue barley grass + physical peeling effect of cellulose at once.

Contains blue barley vinegar for keratin care.
The skin care effect of blue barley, consisting of three natural AHAs, results in a smoother, smoother skin.

#Moist keratin care without pulling.
Care of keratin without moisturizing with rich protein and fiber of green barley extract.
Contain AHAs and BHAs.
Regularly removes dead skin layers with AHA and BHA ingredients for velvety smooth and healthy skin.
#Chemical peeling + physical peeling dual keratin care.
Dual keratin care of chemical peeling of blue barley, AHA, BHA and physical peeling of cellulose derived from nature
#Dual keratin care to finish smooth skin, green barley goju peeling mask using tip
After washing your face, apply a 100 won coin to the dry face and apply it evenly over your face.
After 3 minutes, lightly push the contents with your fingertips and wash your face with lukewarm water (1 ~ 2 times a week recommended)

When applied to sensitive areas, it may be temporary tingling.
Use skin that is sensitive to AHA or BHA after a patch test on the inside of the wrist.

If you visit the site below, it will be delivered promptly to the region where you live, such as the United States and Europe. How nice would it be to give as a gift?

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