ILLIYOON Ceramide Moisturizing Intensive Cream 500ml

It strengthens the skin barrier.

1. Sensitive moisturizing care ceramide Ato intensive cream that enhances skin self-moisture.
2. Ceramide Skin Complex is a patented ingredient jointly developed by AMOREPACIFIC and AESTRA. It encapsulates the ceramides that make up the skin barrier to efficiently deliver and absorb active ingredients.
3. Contains highly concentrated ceramide capsules
4. When rubbed, it is immediately absorbed into the skin for a soft finish.
5. Hypoallergenic + High Moisture Sensitive Care With deep moisturizing and soothing effects, it comfortably treats sensitive skin.
6. Moisture seed ceramide capsules that build up the skin barrier effectively penetrate into the skin 
It strengthens the skin barrier.Weight:0.7Kg

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