ACWELL Real Aqua Balancing Sleeping Pack 60ML

1. Blue capsule sleeping pack filled with blue moisture

2. Naturally formed capsules are filled with blue moisture!. A refreshing moist sleeping pack that bursts with moisture capsules.

3. A sleeping pack filled with the refreshing minerals of Jeju chives provides clear and moist skin as if you slept through the night.

4. A skin-friendly moisture capsule forms a layer of fresh moisture when rolling on the skin texture.

5. Contains Jeju rosemary extract that comfortably relaxes tired and exhausted skin, helping heterogeneous skin to get a good night’s sleep.

6. N4 complex provides moisture and protects sensitive skin to correct moisture balance.

7. How to use: After washing your face in the evening, apply gel cream containing blue natural capsules on your face in the last step of skin care, and go to sleep.

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