Zero skin irritation_ Introducing the most suitable skin care for dry skin.

Mediheal Baobab Soothing Moisture-Like Serum (50ml)_ For dry skin that gets tired easily even with small irritation, treat it with a serum like Baobab Soothing Moisture, which is zero skin irritation for moisturizing.

  1. As a result of the human body application test, the skin irritation index of 0.00 was determined to be a non-irritating product according to the criteria.
  2. Moisturizing power of Baobab, a ‘water tank’ that keeps skin hydrated.
    Rich vitamin E strengthens the skin’s moisturizing membrane, and various minerals help maintain the skin’s moisture balance by preventing moisture loss.
  3. The best moisture for the skin is pure clean water, The drier and more sensitive you are, the cleaner you need to fill it with.
    Clean water that removes fine impurities through the six-step water purification process provides a refreshing moisture to the skin.
  4. High-speed moisture charging solution that delivers moisture to tired skin faster. It makes the keratin layer, the main channel
    for skin absorption, more flexible so that the ceramide can be absorbed faster.
  5. Fila green, which is a material for moisturizing factors, helps improve the moisture retention function of the skin and strengthens the foundation of weakened skin barriers.
  6. A technology that helps positively absorb hyaluronic acid into negatively charged skin using the principle of magnets.

Clinical test result as a skin irritant

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3 reasons to use vitamin C cosmetics

Vitamin C cosmetics that will solve the ‘total trouble’ skin problem.

The spring season when the skin sends S.O.S signals due to the stinging sunlight and large daily temperature difference. More and more people are suffering from cracked skin texture and blemishes that are starting to stand out as if there is a drought. Vitamin C cosmetics have recently been loved as an item that can solve this ‘total trouble’ skin problem. Until now, despite its good efficacy, vitamin C has been one of the difficult ingredients to use due to its shortcomings that it is easily oxidized or deteriorated by light and heat. However, recently, studies on vitamin C stabilization have been actively conducted, and several brands have shown new results one after another. From the cream texture, not the liquid form, to the ‘vitamin liposome’ technology that increases the skin penetration rate! In addition, methods such as freeze-drying and using active ingredients to maximize the effect have been developed, and the limitations of vitamin C are being addressed one by one! This is the reason why vitamin C cosmetics are expected to take more steps in the future.

Why should I use vitamin C cosmetics?

1 Clear and bright complexion!

One of the most well-known effects of vitamin C cosmetics is its whitening action. It is often used as a main ingredient in whitening products because it reduces the production of melanin. In addition, it reduces the active oxygen generated by UV rays to prevent the skin from becoming dull, and is effective in treating blemishes and blemishes. If so, is it not effective for the skin just by ‘eating’ vitamin C? In conclusion, the amount that actually reaches the skin is negligible even if you take vitamins as food or nutritional supplements. This is because vitamin C, which is water-soluble, is excreted from the body within 3 hours of being absorbed into the body. In order to get the skin whitening effect immediately and quickly, it is recommended to apply it directly to the skin rather than eating it.

2 Stick to the basics, skin elasticity UP!
Moisturizing is essential! Vitamin C has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, helping to restore the skin damaged from inflammation and UV rays. The most notable effect is that it promotes the production of collagen, which plays a key role in skin elasticity. When used together with vitamin E (tocopherol), it can have a synergistic effect. This is because fat-soluble vitamin E helps the absorption of water-soluble vitamin C. This is why you can get smoother and firmer skin if you use it consistently.

3 Powerful Antioxidants .
If wrinkles are noticeable and you are starting to get worried, it’s time to apply vitamin C you can trust to your skin! The amount of antioxidant enzymes in the body naturally decreases with aging, and vitamin C is an essential element to maintain the skin condition as before. However, vitamin C cannot be made by the body on its own. Therefore, let’s protect the skin from the aging we face every day by continuously supplying ‘Vitamin C’, a representative antioxidant that prevents the skin from being oxidized by free radicals.

Vitamin C cosmetics, let’s use it like this!

Look for 15-20% vitamin C content.
Studies have shown that when the content of pure form of vitamin C ‘ascorbic acid’ exceeds 20%, skin irritation is generally severe and the effect is reduced. If you are applying high-content vitamin C cosmetics, layer a small amount and apply it.

For even greater effect, with vitamin E!!

Shortcut to IOPE The Vitamin C 23

Look for 15-20% vitamin C content.
Studies have shown that when the content of pure form of vitamin C ‘ascorbic acid’ exceeds 20%, skin irritation is generally severe and the effect is reduced. If you are applying high-content vitamin C cosmetics, layer a small amount and apply it.

For even greater effect, with vitamin E!!
‘Vitamin E’, the perfect compatibility ingredient for vitamin C that inhibits each other’s oxidation and enhances skin penetration. The anti-aging effect can be stronger when both products are used together.

Choose a capacity that can be used within 1 to 2 months after opening the product.
Vitamin C is easily transformed by sunlight, heat and air. Buy products that are sold in ampoules in a glass package that compensates for these shortcomings or are sold separately for single use. If skin irritation is felt, apply a moisturizer together.

If skin irritation is felt, apply a moisturizer together.
As much as it has a strong effect, many people feel tingling and dryness of the skin. No matter how effective it is, it will be useless if it irritates the skin. The effect may be halved, but if you have sensitive skin, apply a moisturizing product after using vitamin C cosmetics.

IOPE The Vitamin C23 Ampoule $50.
A pure vitamin C ingredient that has been difficult to stabilize until now. After 21 years of vitamin research in IOPE, a 23% high content anti-aging ampoule was born. The patented dual Vita C formula adheres to the skin to make it firm and healthy. ‘The Vitamin C23 Ampoule’, which is optimized for not only antioxidant effects but also whitening and collagen synthesis, provides skin elasticity and radiance that sticks to the skin at once.
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LANEIGE Radian-C Cream $43.
A high content of vitamin C is put in the moisturizing cream. It was released in the form of a cream with a high moisturizing effect by stabilizing vitamin C, which was mainly available only in essence and ampoule formulations at Laneige, a ‘texture restaurant’ It meticulously cares for visible blemishes as well as invisible ultra-fine blemishes.
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Ph. Hubby Sun Screen(1g)

Genuine sunscreen recommended, non-sticky, moist Ph.Hubby PH hobby 1g sunscreen

Forget all the sunscreen you have ever used! Now it’s time to use PH Hobby for a fixed amount and try to block it. ​ The most easily accessible product on the market is a product in a tube-type container, so the user had to adjust the capacity by himself, right? As a result, I had no way of knowing whether I was using it properly or not. ​ In particular, depending on the feeling of use, the amount is adjusted, and sometimes it is applied too little or too much. In fact, I have been using it without knowing how much ‘quantity’ it is. ​

The correct UV protection factor is SPF50 PA, which provides strong skin protection and at the same time lasts quite a long time. ​ It’s the first product made by the best sun care prescribing experts in Korea. I was really looking forward to what kind of feeling it would give 🙂 ​ Even the ingredients are said to have been carefully selected and made with mild and safe ingredients that can be used comfortably even on sensitive skin!

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Medicube Super Cica Water In Cream This is the real Cica Cream!

This product is a soothing moisturizing cream that contains 7 super cica ingredients and actoin, so it is a must-have item for soothing the changing seasons!! Contains up to 7 Centella asiatica active ingredients, which have a strong calming effect and help to improve damaged skin. Actoin is a moisturizing ingredient found in microorganisms that survive in an extremely dry environment. I would like to recommend a soothing moisturizing cream as it helps with moisturizing.

It contains 7 kinds of cica active ingredient that is good for soothing and actoin ingredient that is excellent for moisturizing the skin, so it soothes sensitive skin and moisturizes dry skin. It caught my eye more, and you can always use fresh cica cream with a hygienic container that lowers the risk of product deterioration.

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